The startup package is
Initial registration fee, facility usage fee, rental shoes, chalk bag, basic lesson
Includes everything.
Beginners can start bouldering with confidence.

It's my first time so the basics are important!

It's a more polite lesson than anywhere else in our store.
I will explain the rules, precautions, and basic bouldering techniques.
Imagine how to move your body as if you were solving a puzzle, and try to control your core and move your body as you imagined.
Even those who do not have muscle strength can enjoy it.
After the lesson is over, you can use it until closing.

Challenge yourself with various challenges.
Of course, we are always available to answer any questions you may have.

Reservation details here or call


Start-up package flow


Start-up package is carried out every day. Use Online Reservation here


All you need to bring is a change of socks, a change of clothes, and a towel!

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First of all, we will accept at the counter. If you have any concerns or questions, feel free to ask.

04Start lesson

We take the time to thoroughly explain the rules and safety matters. This is important, so please cooperate.


I will explain the basic techniques while actually climbing the challenges.

06Free time

You can use it until the store closes, so let's try various challenges.

Things to prepare for first-time customers

Easy-to-move clothes

The image of going to the gym is OK! Examples: shorts, spats, shirts, etc.
Socks are required when using rental shoes. *If you forget it, please be sure to purchase it for ¥200.

Urban Climbing Club KAWASEMI
2-2-15 Sonezaki, Kita Ward, Osaka City
KDX Higashi Umeda Building B1F

TEL&FAX 06-6926-4482