Gym like a secret base on the first floor of the basement.

Kawasemi is a bouldering gym at Higashi-umeda in Osaka, and the most historic gym at Umeda-area. As it is easy to access, you can easily enjoy it.
Climbing is a simple sport where you use your body to climb walls (rocks).
It can be enjoyed regardless of gender because it is necessary to devise how to climb like solving a puzzle. As a condition for using Kawasemi, there is an age limit of 18 years or older, so you can enjoy bouldering in a calm atmosphere only for adults.

Kawasemi is on the first floor of the basement. The approach down the stairs are not flashy, and it is a gym like a secret base. It's a little dark at night with little lighting, and Kawasemi is open with this blue sign board.

Even first-timers can enjoy

The important thing is to learn techniques that allow you to climb safely and enjoyably. At KAWASEMI, we have a start up package for those who are just starting to climb. It is content that even beginners and women can feel at ease.
This is a fulfilling lesson that not only explains the rules, but also allows you to enjoy climbing, so please take advantage of it.

Clear your problems by stretching!

Kawasemi also offers the following services

■Stretching by stretch trainer Rieko Hasegawa

Bouldering has many problems that require flexibility.
If you have a stiff body, poor posture, stiff shoulders or back pain, By receiving stretching, you may be able to clear the problems.
Of course, you can consult us for free.
(1,000 yen/30 minutes irregular)


Bouldering requires special shoes, but they are not cheap. Even if you don't buy new shoes, resoling will bring your current shoes back to life.
Kawasemi have partnered with "Climb Rubber Resole" to accept resoles. Please ask the staff for details.

■Group reservation

Group reservations are also accepted. There is no age limit for group bookings. You can enjoy climbing before business hours and on regular holidays.

10,000 yen for up to 5 people
6 people or more: 1,800 yen x (the number of people)

Please call our staff for details.

Urban Climbing Club KAWASEMI
2-2-15 Sonezaki, Kita Ward, Osaka City
KDX Higashi Umeda Building B1F

TEL&FAX 06-6926-4482