Challenges of various levels can be set by limited use of holds (protrusions) fixed to the climbing wall.
Of course, we have set many challenges that even those who are new to climbing can fully enjoy. Please feel free to visit us.
Any clothes that are easy to move in and not tight when you raise your legs are fine.
However, we recommend that you wear clothes that you don't mind getting a little dirty because of the white powder called chalk.
Climbing shoes and non-slip chalk are required.
Please use the rental (free for the first time).
For those who are climbing for the first time, please rest assured that we will explain the basic rules first. Also, if you have any questions, such as when you get stuck on an assignment, feel free to ask the staff.
If you have no climbing experience, please use "Start-up package".
I will give advice as needed, but it tends to be simple advice centered on existing issues.
If you want to learn how to climb from the basics, please use hourly lessons.

Urban Climbing Club KAWASEMI
2-2-15 Sonezaki, Kita Ward, Osaka City
KDX Higashi Umeda Building B1F

TEL&FAX 06-6926-4482